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October 2018 Update

10:38AM October 29, 2018

Installations are going great! We wanted to take the time to explain how the home installation process will occur. This is covered while scheduling, but we wanted to give you the opportunity to become familiar with the process now.
  1. Installations have begun in the Arkadelphia and Richwoods zones. We will not start in any one area in this zone, but will try to hit areas that have multiple sign-ups. Encourage your neighbors to get signed up so we can hit your area first!
  2. We will contact you individually to schedule the process, but only after you have signed up at, paid your installation fee, and agreed to our service contract. Once we complete our initial installs in the Arkadelphia zone, the promotional installation fee expires.
  3. The first step will be to run the fiber line to the outside of your home.  This typically follows the same path as your electrical line. This is called “The Drop” or drop installation. It usually involves dropping the fiber line from the nearest electrical pole and following the same route as your electrical line underground. The fiber runs all the way to a gray box installed outside your home called the Network Interface Device, NID for short. If you have anything buried (sprinkler system, septic tank, tree/bush you want us to avoid, etc), please let us know when we contact you.
  4. After the connection to the NID is tested, you will get a call from our office to schedule the actual installation inside your home. Keep in mind that home installation will occur a couple of weeks after drop installation. If you have a specific place like an office where you want to hardwire your computer to the network, please let us know during this step.
  5. On the day of installation, someone 18 or older will need to be present while the service is installed. The service is taken from the NID to the Optical Network Terminal or ONT for short. Services are tested at the time of installation to make sure everything is working correctly.
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